Web & Media Design Services

I love problem solving and understanding how people use technology. Giving customers a great experience by helping them through design is my specialty.

User & Customer Experience

I like to understand what works and what doesn’t when designing any digital product. Whether it’s implementing best practices, testing a design, listening to customer feedback, and finding ways to exceed expectations, the user and customer experience is crucial to the success of an online business today.

Website Design & Development

Website design isn’t just about visuals, code, or which content management system should be implemented. It’s also about how it works, how the messaging sounds, and how everything works together as one cohesive entity to showcase a brand at its best. When designing I consider every fine detail to create the best experience for customers.

Email Marketing Design & Development

A website isn’t just about visuals and neither is email marketing. Successful email design tells a story that customers can relate to, making them trust your goods and services. Email marketing messages with irresistible offers, a user-centered strategy, and a top tier experience keeps customers coming back.


The best search engine optimization practices and strategies improve a website’s overall rankings while increasing organic traffic and lowering dollars spent on online advertising costs. It all begins with research and understanding your customers to direct relevant traffic and provide a personalized customer experience.


Strong eCommerce strategies position an online store for optimal sales and business growth. A customer’s eCommerce experience ties directly into cohesive email marketing campaigns, best practices, and optimum customer service interactions.

Customer & Competitor Website Research and Strategy

Performing customer and competitor research is one key on the success chain of an online business. Is the customer service team constantly getting the same questions? Are customers dropping off on certain pages more than others? Is cart abandonment high? I look at what’s working currently and what isn’t, as well as what competitors are doing and how their customers are responding. Insightful research and analysis can help create an innovative design strategy.

Website & Email Marketing Analytics

Observing and analyzing website and email marketing statistics are crucial for understanding how customers respond to a website’s content and campaign strategy. A/B testing emails, landing pages, and special offers are a great way to see what works for your audience.

Creative Direction

Having a consistent brand identity throughout all projects provides an impressive, seamless user experience and brand recognition.

Add value to your website and start transforming your online presence.
Jamie Umak

The more you know, the greater the strategy. Contact me to discuss how to maximize your business by improving your customers’ online experience.

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