Graphic design meets function in tangible form.

Folks - Book One Paperback

Folks - Book One: History Repeats Itself

Folks is a 254-page paperback young adolescent novel written and indie published by Adam Umak. Naturally, I am the go-to person for all layout, design, and to assist with proofreading! Folks was produced for and is available for purchase through their website.

NatureScapes Folder

NatureScapes Travel Package

In advance of a NatureScapes workshop or tour, participants get a package in the mail with important information to get ready. No two trips are alike. Above is a sampling of a few pages, but some destinations require more than 30 pages of details.

What I love most about the travel packages is the simplicity I’ve given to otherwise ordinary content, not only making the vast amount of details easy and enjoyable to read but within a layout that can be utilized for various destinations. To save ink, packets are printed mostly in black and white, using styled typography consistent with branding.

Folder and Business Card

Presentation Folder and Business Card

This is an identity piece for Downing Contracting Company, specializing in home renovations, additions, and remodeling. A presentation folder and business card were designed to provide an organized and attractive method of presenting business documents and correspondence with customers.

NatureScapes Ad

NatureScapes Workshop Magazine Advertisement

This advertisement promoted one of NatureScapes’ photography workshop events at Bosque del Apache in Socorro, New Mexico. It was published in the November 2010 issue of Outdoor Photographer to encourage event attendance.

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